Ugenya Constituency

Constituency No:  0232
County: Siaya
Population: 108,934 (National 2009)
Area: 310.20 Sq. Km
No. of County Assembly Wards:  4

County Assembly Wards

No. Name Population (2009 National Census) Area (Sq. Km) Description
1 1156 West Ugenya 30,325 98.00 Karadolo East, Karadolo West, Masat East, Masat West, Sifuyo East, Sifuyo West, Nyalenya, Uyundo, and Ndenga Sub–Locations of Siaya County
2 1157 Ukwala 21,270 52.90 Doho East, Doho West, Simur, Simur East, Simur-Kondiek, Siranga and Yenga Sub–Locations of Siaya County
3 1158 North Ugenya 27,081 65.00 Nyamsenda, Ligala North Jera, Kagonya and Sega Sub–Locations of Siaya County
4 1159 East Ugenya 30,258 94.30 Anyiko, Sihayi Ramunde, Kathieno A, Kathieno B and Kathieno C Sub–Locations of Siaya County

Source: Independent Electroral And Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

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