Webuye West Constituency

Constituency No:  0222
County: Bungoma
Population: 129,233 (National 2009)
Area: 242.60 Sq. Km
No. of County Assembly Wards:  3

County Assembly Wards

No. Name Population (2009 National Census) Area (Sq. Km) Description
1 1108 Sitikho 37,570 93.80 Matisi, Sitikho, Milo and Khalumuli Sub–Locations of Bungoma County
2 1109 Matulo 44,425 60.40 Matulo, Malaha, Kituni and Township (Part) Sub–Locations ofBungoma County
3 1110 Bokoli 47,238 88.40 Bokoli, Mahanga, Miendo and Misikhu Sub–Locations of Bungoma County

Source: Independent Electroral And Boundaries Commission (IEBC)

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