Electric security fence - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Full metal door with wooden design - Muthaiga North, Nairobi. It eliminates the need for grills.
Residential house - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Residential house in need of plants - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Large windows for adequate natural lighting - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Wooden floor and staircase - Muthaiga North Nairobi. Notice staircase windows for natural lighting.
Full metal door with mirror and tiled staircase - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Wow! - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Tiled front entrance - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Wooden staircase note the window at the top for natural lighting - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Full metal front door with double mirror and tiled staircase - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Bathroom with decorative tiles - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Ample large windows for good natural lighting and outside view - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Attic alcove in a residential house - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Sword fern and palms in a hotel attrium - Nairobi
Sword fern and palms in a hotel attrium - Nairobi.
Sword fern a perfect indoor plant for the office.
Sword fern in an office reception - Nairobi.
Let the plants welcome you home- Runda, Nairobi
Home entrance with port cochere
Fill the corners with plants
Moderate the wall stones with ornamental plants to break the monotony of the wall
Residential house - Runda, Nairobi
Artistic expression through plants - Runda, Nairobi
Residential house - Runda, Nairobi. Weeding around the base of the plants is not recommended. It increases water loss and spoils the beauty of the grass lawns.
Residential House - Nairobi
Residential house - Runda, Nairobi
Medium duranta hedge purple white and yellow Lantanas weeping figs at the entrance of a simple home- Runda Nairobi
Young garden - Runda, Nairobi
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