Electric security fence - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Orange tree in a residential compound - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Liven your stone fence on the outside with plants - Muthaiga North, Nairobi.
Wow! - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Tiled front entrance - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Full metal front door with double mirror and tiled staircase - Muthaiga North Nairobi.
Sword fern and palms in a hotel attrium - Nairobi.
Moderate the wall stones with ornamental plants to break the monotony of the wall
Cactus: The ornamental plant of all seasons.
Home entrance beautified with plants - Runda, Nairobi
Young garden - Runda, Nairobi
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Welcome to our section on Homes and Gardening. We listened to many first-time home builders and buyers and we realized they had a need for information on the kind of houses they can build or buy, the kind of gardens they could have and even the types of plants and fences they could put up on their compounds. Many buyers travel long distances only to forget how the first likable house looked like. We give you the opportunity to review a good design for as many times as you may wish without ever leaving your key board.
We have established the section where you can visit and savour a wide variety of homes, gardens and plants. You will also see how you can manipulate certain plants and features to give your home a look unique to your profile.
Even if you already own a home, you could choose designs to remodel the home, gardens or the plants to rejuvenate your energy for your investment.We invite you to stay with us as we keep building the stock of samples, only for you.
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